Jane’s retirement after 24 years’ service at superstore

Jane Partridge on her retirement from Sainsbury's.
Jane Partridge on her retirement from Sainsbury's.

A stalwart at Sainsbury’s in Lancaster has retired after 24 years at the store.

Jane Partridge started her job replenishing bread and cake and beers, wine and spirits before moving on to work on the checkouts.

Mrs Partidge, who will soon be celebrating her 85th birthday, used to be a keen biker along with her husband and still visits the Isle of Man TT Races, where she was given an award a short while ago as a long service award.

Mrs Partridge is not one to rest for long on her laurels and after a short break she is considering doing some volunteer work.

Before her retirement she was presented with gift vouchers, chocolates, flowers, brandy and cosmetics by staff at Sainsbury’s.