It’s all in a name

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One of the biggest concerns for a new parent is what to call their newborn.

And when it comes to baby names, it appears people in Lancashire chose differently to the rest of the UK.

Evie is one of the fastest-rising names and moved in to the county’s top ten names in 2012, according to a new survey.

Millhead photographer Jason Bellinger said he and fiancée Michelle Jolly chose the name for their three-week-old daughter because it incorporated the old and the new.

He said: “We decided on the name Evie after hearing someone calling their daughter Eve while on a day out in early December, we liked the fact that while it was still old fashioned, we hadn’t heard anyone else call their daughter that.

“We chose Evie to be a bit more modern.

“Also a few days later while our son Tom was watching Mike the Knight on CBeebies, if you have a three-year old boy you will know what this is, he said one of the characters was called Evie and said ‘that’s a nice name daddy’ so it stuck from there.

“We can’t imagine naming her anything else now.”

Daisy is also bucking the UK’s 2012 baby name trends in Lancashire with George and Joshua proving popular for boys in’s annual baby names report.

The top 100 boys and girls lists nationally also revealed that Amelia has knocked Olivia off the top spot, whilst Harry holds onto his crown at number one for the second year running.