Invasion of the living dead

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When you’re out this weekend, don’t be shocked if you see a horde of creepy creatures shuffling down the seafront, dancing to Thriller at the Arndale Centre or kicking a football around inside the Winter Gardens.

Why? Because Morecambe is about to be invaded by zombies...

Tomorrow, Friday, October 19, sees the start of the Morecambe Zombieville fesival – a three-day weekend of the weird. Billed as 32 hours of live music, dance, performance art and general mayhem, Zombieville sounds like great fun for adults and kids alike.

As organiser Steve Middlesbrough says: “Imagine The Munsters meets Shaun of the Dead...on a bad day!”

Most of the horror-themed frolics will centre around Smokey O’Connor’s pub in Morecambe Street.

Smokey’s will be given a spooky makeover and renamed The Core; and will be split into three floors.

The ground floor bar will be renamed The Crypt, the second floor room will be a Batcave chillout area full of stalls and food, and the upstairs function room with its sprung dancefloor will be the main live music area known as The Vyper Lounge. Visitors can come already ‘zombied up’, or can take advantage of the Zombie FX team of designers who will get you dressed up ready for a scary shindig.

Then each night there will be live music from some quality local musicians and DJs, who will be made up as zombies themselves!

The bizarre highlight of the weekend is a special ‘Zombie Crawl’ on Saturday. Think a sponsored walk, except with everyone dressed up as zombies!

Saturday night at The Core will see more live music and a special Nightmare Rock Burlesque show.

On Sunday, the Winter Gardens will be transformed into the strangest football stadium Morecambe has ever seen for the Zombieville Football World Cup.

The Lisa Salem School of Dance will also be on hand at 3pm for a Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance routine. Zombieville closes on Sunday night with more live music and the Zombie Oscars, with prizes for the best dressed zombies. Admission to events is £5 for the day and £10 gives you access to everything for all three days. For more information call Shaun Dredd, aka Steve Middlesbrough, on 07771 692626.



(Please note – afternoon events are suitable for children, evening events are adults only)


4pm - Zombie FX Factory opens at The Core

7pm - Zombieville - the launch party at The Core with music from Katy Lord, Faye Marie, IDK, Underwater Gunfight, Star Tiger and Army of Walking Corpses; DJs in The Crypt



10am - Zombie FX Factory 2 opens at Regent Park Studios

1pm - Zombie Crawl sets off from Regent Park Studios, visits More Music, The Promenade, Festival Market

3pm - The Invasion arrives in the Arndale Centre and the Zombie Crawl rocks the Monster Mash!

4pm - End of the Zombie Crawl

7pm-2am Zombieville Fright Night in The Core with music from Brendan Cleary, Molly Warburton Band, Phoenix Down, Bloodyard and Pink Hearse

Nightmare Rock Burlesque at The Vyper Lounge with Dara D Beauvouix, Kitty Le Creme, Venus Starr, Ashley Michaelis and Jezebel Steel


Noon - Zombie FX Factory 3 opens at the Winter Gardens

1pm-5pm Monster Mash 2 at the Winter Gardens featuring The Zombieville Football Cup and Jacko’s Thriller Zombie Dance

7pm - Zombieville Aftershow Party at The Core with music from Sam King, Cyderdene, Vandal Hearts and Lady Gaga tribute

The Zombieville Oscars in the Vyper Lounge with presenters Shaun Dredd, The Count, Dandy von Diamond, Adrian Montford, Bexy Addams and Uncle Gomez.