INTERVIEW: Lancaster band Lowes at Kendal Calling

A Lancaster band dazzled crowds when they made their first major festival debut.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 1:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:48 pm
Lancaster band LOWES on stage at Kendal Calling.

Lowes took to the Chai Wallah stage at this year’s Kendal Calling Festival, performing on July 30.

Band members Evie Plumb on vocals and piano, Oliver Corrigan on guitar, Jamie Walker on bass and Luke Paget on drums impressed the large crowd who took refugee from the rain.

Dancing on stage in bare feet Evie Plumb showcased her power house vocals to fans old and new.

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From left, Lancaster Guardian reporter Gemma Sherlock with singer Evie Plumb of LOWES at Kendal Calling Festival.

“It went down quite well, we had a really good turn out,” said the 22-year-old singer.

“Everyone really got into the songs so it was just a great feeling to get the songs out there.”

Lowes released Awake at Night in July 2016, and since then it has had more than 500,000 plays on Spotify and 200,000 hits on YouTube.

The song was heavily featured on BBC Radio 1 and earned the band opportunities to showcase their talents across the country.

Lancaster band LOWES on stage at Kendal Calling.

“It was unprecedented really, we sort of uploaded the song when we weren’t even in a band,” said Evie.

“The next day when we woke up all the industry press was in our email and everyone was wanting to know what we were about.

“The last year has been about increasing our repertoire, making sure we have got loads of songs for a live set, getting a live set together, its been really good fun.”

Kendal Calling, based at Lowther Park in Cumbria, was a new experience for Lowes who formed just over a year and a half ago.

From left, Lancaster Guardian reporter Gemma Sherlock with singer Evie Plumb of LOWES at Kendal Calling Festival.

Evie has been writing songs for five years and Luke, Jamie and Oliver have spent time in Los Angeles, America, with various song writers.

“The three lads in the band have known each other for about ten years, they all do full time music and that’s quite a rare thing to find,” said Evie.

“Luke is the go-to-guy in Lancaster if you want to record something, so I had this little idea, it was actually the start of Awake At Night and I just wanted to lay it down so I could work on it.”

Lowes played in the fields on Sunday afternoon, delivering a mix of new songs including Suspense and Walking On Fire as well as their most famous hit, Awake At Night.

Lancaster band LOWES on stage at Kendal Calling.

Despite their success Evie explains she still gets nervous before stepping on stage.

“The guys are all old hands at performance, they don’t get nervous but I definitely do, I have to make sure I do all my warm ups, make sure I look okay even in rainy festival weather,” she said.

“I think nerves are a good thing, they make you sing better and perform better and I think the moment you get out there all the nerves disappear.

“A really small new band like us, the difference between a festival and a gig is that people at festivals are sort of happened upon you, you might just wander past so you get that opportunity to try and surprise people.

“Whereas a gig people know you, they know what to expect its almost harder to please.”

Their next single Walking on Fire is released in August, and is being produced by Luke Paget and Cam Blackwood who has worked with George Ezra, London Grammar and Florence and the Machine.

Lowes would like to thank their friends, family for their continued support and also everybody who came to watch their performance at Kendal Calling.