Interactive artwork will fly high over Lancaster Music Festival

An artist who was inspired by the community spirit in the wake of Storm Desmond two years ago has teamed up with Lancaster businesses to show off her work during Lancaster Music Festival.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 12th October 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:20 am
Sandy Gardner with Matt and Adrian from Lancaster holding the banner and Guy from The Howling Clowns at the front. Photo by Barrie Marshall.
Sandy Gardner with Matt and Adrian from Lancaster holding the banner and Guy from The Howling Clowns at the front. Photo by Barrie Marshall.

Sandy Gardner’s interactive artwork pieces, which have a Phoenic from the Flames theme, will appear in spots around the city over the weekend.

“Having succeeding in creating my product in Lancaster with businesses such as fabric printers Standfast & Barracks and dressmakers Incandescence Couture, I was keen to find a way to take my bird artwork directly to the people of Lancaster,” Sandy said.

“Working with Lancaster Music Festival a fun interactive project has evolved.”

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Over the weekend, Sandy’s detailed feathered pieces will be strategically placed in the city centre and castle grounds at just the right height to stand in front of and appear as though you have giant bird’s wings.

“I hope that the interactive pieces will connecting people with the positive energy of birds,” said Sandy.

“In turn the community can optionally give something back by making an online donation of choice to local charities such as St Johns Hospice.”

“In a sense each individual has the opportunity to become a winged guardian angel for a moment by doing a little bit to help others in the community.

“Donation to charity is optional, however having an enjoyable moment and a positive experience is strongly encouraged.”

All ages are urged to stand in front of the work, take photographs of each other and appear to have wings.

Local company and the Lancaster Music Festival have backed the printing of the Phoenix wing design.

Graphic designer Matt said: “It’s a great concept and I’m confident it will appeal to the local community. The Phoenix looks great, it’s absolutely huge!”

Subsequent artworks have been subsidised greatly again by Printing .com and backed by businesses and bands including The Howling Clowns, The Wagon and Horses and Bea Perez Counselling.

The Howling Clowns, performing on Lancaster Castle’s stage at 1.45pm tonight, Friday, said: “We are fortunate that Sandy creates the artwork for our band. It seemed fitting that we help her realise this community project. It’s a lovely idea that we’re sure will bring pleasure to all ages.

“The Phoenix is a perfect bird to symbolise the local community getting back on its feet and now helping others rise through their donations to charity.”

Sponsor Bea Perez Counselling added: “The community in Lancaster is very strong and supportive; a testament to the healing power of humanity and support in times of adversity.

“The music festival is an important event in the year, where Lancaster’s musical community comes together to celebrate the power of music.

“The arts, whether they be music, art or drama can touch places within us that help us to get through difficult times.

“Music can help us to fly, as though on wings, which is why I think Sandy’s work is so appropriate as a backdrop to the festival.”