How rugby injury and '˜fishy burps' inspired new health drink

A torn knee ligament while playing rugby led Marcus Mollinga to create a drink which is taking the health world by storm.

Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 3:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th October 2016, 3:45 pm
Marcus Mollinga in his rugby days.

Marcus is the brains behind Omegawater – the first all natural health water which contains Omega 3 and eight essential vitamins.

The idea for his product came about after Marcus was injured playing rugby in Lancaster.

During his rehab, the former Lancaster Boys’ Grammar School pupil researched and took Omega 3, a fatty acid available in fish oil tablets which can be taken to improve joint health.

Marcus' OmegaWater drinks.

“I hated taking Omega 3 capsules because they gave me fishy burps!” said Marcus.

“So I decided to create an all natural tasty water with the added benefits of Omega 3.

“12 months later I have the finished product.”

Marcus’ new drink, which is said to have the highest levels of Vitamin A, D and E and Omega 3 EPA DHA of any health water on the market today, is available in three flavours: pineapple and coconut, pink grapefruit and mixed berry.

Marcus' OmegaWater drinks.

“Our main aim is to provide generally health conscious individuals with a healthy alternative to unnatural beverages that are high in sugar and additives,” said Marcus.

“We would also love Omegawater to help consumers with a wide range of health conditions.

“We believe that the high levels of vitamins and Omega 3 could really help athletes with joint injuries and athletes looking to improve immune system, bone, joint, eye, brain and heart health as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle which will in turn help improve many more health conditions.”

Although Omega 3 is usually associated with a fishy taste, special technology called nano encapsulation allowed Marcus and his team to mask the taste and scent while also keeping the drink 100 per cent natural.

Our sister newspaper the Lancashire Evening Post, reviewing the drink, said it was “definitely worth a try to rehydrate with after exercise or just to keep you going throughout the day”.

Marcus has now returned to rugby and plays for Preston Grasshoppers.