How Kelly gave Nicaragua clean bill of health

Kelly Ruscoe talking to people in Nicaragua.
Kelly Ruscoe talking to people in Nicaragua.
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“One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my lifetime.” This is how 19-year-old student Kelly Ruscoe described her summer in Central America helping to build shower blocks and places for people to wash.

Kelly, from Lancaster, spent 10 weeks living and working in Santa Rosa in the north of Nicaragua on a Government-funded water and sanitation project called Raleigh ICS WASH.

She and 12 other volunteers worked to change the local people’s personal hygiene habits and use of water. “The simple act of washing your hands correctly can prevent life-threatening illnesses,” said Kelly, who goes to the University of St Andrews in Scotland. “This programme changed the way I view the world and made me more determined to make a change and help end world poverty.”