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of woman

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Latest news.

A woman with an injured ankle was rescued by Morecambe’s RNLI inshore rescue hovercraft

The coastguard requested the launch of the 
hovercraft to help a woman with an injured ankle 
close to the shoreline at Silverdale.

The RNLI crew met with paramedics, who had walked out to the woman.

The hovercraft crew were on standby close to the casualty, to ensure the paramedics and the casualty were able to return safely back to land.

Morecambe RNLI hovercraft volunteer shore crew member and Assistant Press Officer Mark Bateson said: “With the North West Ambulance Service paramedics, we were able to resolve a potentially dangerous situation.

“Even on a nice sunny day the conditions underfoot are hazardous and it is easy to injure an ankle.”

The rescue happened at 2.04pm on Sunday, July 6.

Morecambe Lifeboat Station has been operating since 1966 providing 24-hour search andrescue .