Hotpots to aid 6Music arrival

Lancashire Hotpots 2010
Lancashire Hotpots 2010

Fans of The Lancashire Hotpots and BBC6 Music, and it doesn’t have to be in that order, may be interested to know the band will feature on Chris Hawkins’ early-morning broadcast every day between March 26 and March 30.

The station’s mainly London-based DJs have begun their hard trek up north to take residence at the BBC’s Media City at Salford Quays.

It is believed many will be kicking and screaming, a few will be sulking, and some perhaps will be a little scared – but savvy Hawkins has decided to employ Lancashire’s naughty little brother (The Hotpots), to bring him up to speed with life above Watford Gap.

Admittedly Hawkins is Shropshire-born, but will he finally be able to report that we don’t all wear flat caps, drive whippets and eat gruel?

If the Lancashire Hotpots have anything to do with it, probably not, although I suspect that after chatting with the band and getting a feel for the place, he’ll realise that 6Music isn’t actually moving away, it’s coming home.

The show is broadcast from 5am to 7am next week, with the Lancashire Hotpots, who play The Dukes in Lancaster on Saturday, July 14, dishing out their ‘Whippetpedia’ guide to the north during the proceedings.

The band release their new album, A Hard Day’s Pint, in the summer.

n The latest instalment of Wired In, Lancaster’s premier free mixed arts event, returns to The Dukes on Monday.

See the Lancaster Guardian (22-03-12) for full story.