Horror as car crashes in garden

The damage at Willow Lane, Lancaster.
The damage at Willow Lane, Lancaster.

Neighbours were shocked when their quiet Sunday night in front of the TV was interrupted by a car crashing into two garden fences.

Residents of Willow Lane in Lancaster heard a loud bang “like fireworks going off.”

Duncan Moore rushed out of his house to find the driver hanging out of the smoke-filled car across the road, his legs trapped in the wreckage and screaming he couldn’t breathe.

Mr Moore, who works for the Trust Medical private ambulance firm in Morecambe, checked the man over whilst his wife called emergency services.

“He was complaining of pain in his chest and his legs, and couldn’t breathe properly,” said Mr Moore.

“The car had spun 90 degrees and was resting up against the side of the house opposite me. It was quite 
a mess.”

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard a lot of sobbing and crying as though someone was hurt. It has been a long time since I have seen an accident along the bottom of this road.”

Police pursued a car after receiving reports of erratic driving around 8.35pm.

Emergency services were informed by a member of the public that the vehicle then crashed into a stationary car and wall at 9pm on Sunday November 16.

North West Ambulance arrived at Willow Lane at 9.12pm to take the man to Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Wendy Moore, wife of Duncan, was first to ring the emergency services.

Mrs Moore said: “We just heard bang! The airbag went off during the impact and when we ran out we could smell burning. My husband couldn’t see the man inside because of the smoke.”