Heysham war graves will be cleaned ahead of Remembrance Sunday

One of the war graves at St Peter's Church graveyard in Heysham. Picture by Allan Hartley.
One of the war graves at St Peter's Church graveyard in Heysham. Picture by Allan Hartley.

Volunteers have reassured residents that war graves in a Heysham graveyard will get a little TLC ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

The Morecambe and Heysham British Legion will be visiting the St Peter’s Church graveyard to maintain the graves of fallen soldiers before November 13 - as they do every year.

Malcolm Brown, secretary of the Morecambe and Heysham British Legion branch, said the Legion is delegated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to maintain the graves every year before Remembrance Day.

Lancaster City Council will also visit the graveyard to tidy up before Remembrance Day.

A Lancaster City Council spokesman said: “In the week running up to Remembrance Sunday, the council’s Grounds Maintenance Team visits war graves to tidy them up.

“Although there are arrangements in place for graveyards such as St Peter’s (privately owned and closed), for the council to maintain trees, grass and perimeter walls, this does not include it being mown throughout the season.

“However, arrangements do include war graves at these cemeteries being visited by the council’s grounds maintenance team ahead of Remembrance Sunday and St Peter’s is scheduled to be mown next week.”

The council response came after our newspaper was contacted by Allan Hartley from the Western Front Association.

Mr Hartley felt the graves were in need of a little TLC.

He said: “In the centenary of the First World War, lest we forget their names liveth for ever more, these lads who were sent home to die have not had much recent care. It’s the least we can do, we cannot imagine the horrors that these lads went through.”

The graveyard is also looked after by a team of volunteers at St Peter’s Church.

“The team work very hard to keep the graveyard maintained but there are only five of them, and they all do the best they can,” said Andrew Osborne, Rector at St Peter’s Church.

“I am sorry to hear Mr Hartley is upset, we are appealing for volunteers.”