Heysham Port to wave through EU goods without checks in no-deal Brexit scenario

Heysham Port
Heysham Port

Goods shipped to Britain from the EU are to be waved through 20 UK ports, including Heysham, without checks in a “no-deal” Brexit scenario to avoid huge jams, HMRC has said.

In official advice released on Monday February 4, HM Revenue & Customs said that “for a temporary period” it would allow “most” shipments into the country before companies have even informed them they’ve arrived.

Photo Neil Cross'Trailers at Heysham Port

Photo Neil Cross'Trailers at Heysham Port

The loophole was first noticed by campaign group Best for Britain.

The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29.

Geraint Davies MP for Swansea West, for Best for Britain said: “They said we would take back control of our borders but now the plan is to wave things through irrespective of our safety.

“We’ll have no idea what is coming into our ports.”

The other ports noted are Dover, Felixstowe, Fishguard, Harwich, Holyhead, Hull, Immingham, Killingholme, Liverpool, Newhaven, Pembroke, Plymouth, Poole, Portsmouth, Purfleet, Sheerness, Teesport, Tilbury and Port of Tyne.

Peel Ports Group, which owns Heysham Port, has been contacted for comment.

The government guidance can be found HERE