Heysham missing man makes contact with family

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The family of a missing man from Heysham have finally received good news after four weeks of being left in the dark.

Ronald Fleetwood, 56, went missing from his home on Stanley Road at 11.30pm on Monday April 6 and had not made contact with his family since.

Bob and Alan Fleetwood were left worrying whether their brother was even alive.

An email from Ronald to his brother Bob on Monday morning was the first time the family had heard any news at all.

Ronald apologised to the family for any upset and informed his relatives he was well, had a full time job and was being assisted by an aid worker.

His last reported sighting was at the Peace Garden in Preston town centre on Tuesday April 21.

Officers believed he may have been using canal towpaths to get around.

The family believe Ronald may have got himself into a small amount of debt which may have been the main reason he decided to leave unannounced.

It is also believed Ronald went back to his home, that he shares with brother Alan, on Friday night to gather more of his belongings such as his toolbox and art canvases.

Alison Fleetwood, wife of Bob, said: “He is quite a private person, he keeps himself to himself.”

Bob Fleetwood said: “He has apologised for his behaviour in the email, he is reluctant to come back.”

Police have confirmed Ronald is safe and is in new accommodation.