Heysham High English teacher retires after four decades of inspiring pupils

It was the end of an era at Heysham High School this summer, with the retirement of Pauline Scott, who has taught English at the school for the past 39 years.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 25th July 2016, 8:00 am
Pauline Scott.
Pauline Scott.

According to Sam Scarff Hurst, head of English, Mrs Scott not only inspired generations of pupils to achieve more than they believed possible, but she has also been able to attain the holy grail of teaching – impressing Ofsted and HMI inspectors!

Mrs Scarff Hurst said: “In her 39 years of teaching at Heysham High, Pauline has always shown passion, an incredible depth of knowledge and a determination that every pupil, regardless of background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, pupil premium – whatever the current label may be– is deserving of the best education she could provide.

“Countless numbers of pupils past and present have benefited from her talents to combine the highly intellectual and erudite approach with the colloquial and, at times, directly vernacular language.

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“Pupils at Heysham know where they stand with Pauline and appreciate all she puts into lesson planning and most importantly for her, delivery in the classroom. Her readings of the classics are legendary, replete with voices and accents that the pupils from Year 7 up to Year 13 have enjoyed.”

Mrs Scarff Hurst added that many staff have had the benefit of Mrs Scott’s wise advice; she has mentored, counselled and consoled teachers and trainees alike.

She said: “For those of us still in the profession, the question we ask when faced with any dilemma is, “What would Pauline do?”

“We know that her practice is always professional, pupil orientated and likely to result in success. All of us who have had the pleasure of working and learning alongside her will miss her presence greatly but we know that the lessons she has taught us will remain with us and in our practice we hope to continue in the path she has established – an excellent teacher, mentor, and true professional.”