Heysham drug dealer told to pay back £8,000

A DRUG dealer has been ordered to pay back more than £8,000 or face further time in jail.

Adam Wilson, 42, of Heysham Mossgate Road, Heysham, was jailed in January 2011 for 30 months for possession with intent to supply cocaine.

At a recent Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Preston Crown Court, the judge deemed that Wilson had benefited from his crimes to the sum of £9,675.

His current assets were set at £8,395 and a confiscation order put in place, meaning he must pay the money within 28 days or face a further five months in prison.

Detective Constable Steve Dixon of Lancashire Constabulary’s proceeds of crime unit said: “Where we see that a criminal has financially benefited from their illegal activities – either by hoarding cash or spending it lavishly – we will seek to strip them of their assets through the courts.

“This can be in the form of taking money, cars – even their homes – and if we become aware that they have other assets in the future we will continue to confiscate them until the full total of their benefit has been met.”