Heysham disabled teen's goes for top beauty pageant

A disabled teenager hopes to inspire others that anything is possible after achieving a place in a prestigious beauty pageant.

Thursday, 20th July 2017, 10:49 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:49 pm
Emily Hankinson from Heysham is competing in Miss Galaxy England

Emily Corrinn Hankison has spastic Cerebral Palsy and is determined to show the world that beauty is not just on the outside.

The 18-year-old has been chosen as the Lancaster representative for the Miss Galaxy England 2018.

The competition is a national pageant open to all girls and young women aged 12 upwards.

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“My goal is to inspire those surrounding me that the impossible really is possible and that you really can achieve and accomplish anything, even when people doubt you,” said Emily.

“A disability or disorder isn’t a label, you really can achieve your dreams.”

Emily, who lives in Heysham, has been chosen out of thousands to earn a place in the grand final in March next year.

The beauty entrant got the pageant bug when she entered a competition in New Zealand, where she previously lived for 11 years.

She thought why not try it out in her home country?

“I am a girl with special needs so if I can do it anyone can,” said Emily.

After modelling shoots and success in New Zealand Fashion week, Emily found out she got a place in the Miss Galaxy competition.

“I really do just want to make the county and community proud,” said Emily.

“Beauty pageants are quite controversial, you can get that stereotype, ditsy girl with blonde hair and I am not like that, in fact all the girls are really intelligent. I want to help take the stereotype away.”

Emily’s condition affects her learning and also her muscle growth.

She will be up against all types of girls from across the country and will be expected to do catwalks and interviews.

“I am a bit nervous, knowing I have a slight difference but I am not too worried,” she said.

If Emily wins she will be entered into the international competition where she will travel to Florida in America.

Emily must raise £250 to cover the costs of the competition. If you would like to sponsor Emily then email [email protected]