Young patient shares his hospital experiences

Dominic, his mum and Chair John Cowdall.
Dominic, his mum and Chair John Cowdall.

A boy who had to undergo an operation shared his patient story with the hospital trust board.

Dominic Pye, 11, shared his experiences following his recent care on the children’s ward at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI).

After a recent visit to his doctor, Dominic was referred to Mr Crighton, Consultant

Surgeon, at the RLI.

Mr Crighton explained to Dominic and his mum what would happen when he was admitted to hospital.

Dominic mentioned visiting the ward before he was admitted and said: “We went to visit to the ward before my operation so I would know what it was like, as I’d never been in hospital before.”

When the day of Dominic’s operation arrived Dominic said: “I remember feeling quite nervous at the time, but I felt much better after the play leader came and spoke to me about what was going to happen when I went for my operation.

“She also showed me a plastic needle that would go in my hand and cream to numb the back of my hands.

“After a while, I realised the doctors are professionals and wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.”

Dominic continued: “The only thing I could say to the doctors that had done my operation was thank you! I remember mum coming to get me from theatre and I felt better seeing her there.”

Dominic’s mum, Helen said: “Overall I was happy with Dominic’s experience.

“I was really pleased with the clinic appointment Dominic and I had with Mr Crighton and organising the date for his operation with his secretary was excellent.

“We agreed a date that would fit with school and holidays, which made this a really good patient focussed service.”