Training for my big day was so much fun

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There can be few better incentives for training hard than to look a million dollars on your wedding day.

And that’s exactly what one of my Fitness Formation friends, Beth Clayton (nee Carroll), has done over the last few months.

Beth, who is from Cockerham and now lives in Lancaster, got married at Barnacre Church in Garstang on April 6 and one of the reasons she looked so fabulous was that she had trained harder than ever with Ryan Donohue of Fitness Formation.

Although Beth was already very fit and was into long distance running, she took Ryan’s advice and was able to wear her beautiful dress with pride.However, Beth had to make some tough choices to achieve her ideal shape and weight. Ryan advised Beth to give up running for a while and stick to high intensity training and a low fat diet. It was a hard decision for Beth to give up running as she enjoyed it so much but it paid off.

“I needed to do something more intensive,” said Beth. “I’ve known Ryan for years and he suggested I try some of the groups. I started training in August and Ryan told me to stop running but I ignored him. Ryan kept telling me to stop running. I was very muscular from the running and I felt too bulky.

“I stopped running in January of this year and it was the best thing I ever did. When I went for my first dress fitting it wouldn’t zip up but on the new regime I lost a stone and could fit into my dress. I actually enjoyed the fasting diet. It fired my system up.

“I wasn’t aiming to lose an exact amount of weight. For me the wedding was about being happy. My biggest problem was my stomach and the diet helped with that.”

However, it wasn’t all about being disciplined. The day before her wedding Ryan told Beth to eat anything she liked: “I got a massive bowl of Shreddies and I couldn’t wait to eat it,” laughed Beth. “I sent a picture of it to Ryan and he said ‘good girl’.”

Beth’s husband Neil, who works for the Royal Mail, said she looked radiant on the day.Twenty-seven-year-old Beth went to Cockerham Primary School and then Garstang High School. She left school and eventually got a job with the Magistrates’ Service. She is currently working for the County Court at Mitre House in Lancaster.

“I love training with other people,” added Beth. “I’ve got a lot of new friends through it. I got out of my comfort zone and now I’m having so much fun.”

Ingrid Kent