Staff jump at chance of raising money

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Three daredevils from Ward 20 at Royal Lancaster Infirmary have taken the plunge - quite literally - to raise funds to benefit their patients.

Ward 20 at the hospital treats elderly medical patients some of whom also have dementia.

Patients with dementia may be confused by the treatment they are undergoing, or by being in hospital.

The intrepid trio wanted to raise some funds to purchase equipment which will make those people feel more comfortable while they are in hospital.

Staff nurse Laura Wong said: “Jumping out of a plane may sound mad but it was extremely exhilarating and a great way to raise money for the Ward.

“I was told I had to jump first. The instructor gave me instructions to put my legs over the side of plane and off we’d go from there!

“The jump itself was from 11,000ft so it was above the clouds. Once under canopy the view was amazing and could see all of Cockerham and far beyond.

“The landing went smoothly and as soon as I touched down I asked if I could do it again!” Kelly Lane, a Clinical Support Worker on the ward said: “We want to buy dementia specialist tools such as memory boxes, conversation prompts, picture bingo, music players and CD’s from the 1930’s-50’s and books and posters to help patients reminisce and stimulate memories of years gone by.

“We would love to try and theme our day room into a 1940’s style living room and are very grateful to anyone who can support us.”

Taking part in the tandem parachute jumps were Kelly, Laura and student nurse Lisa Vaughan.

The trio are still counting the money raised so far and are now planning other events.

Anyone interested in donating money to the ward can do so via their justgiving page at