New electronic mail system is saving patients time and paper

Coastal Pharmacy at the Coastal Medical Group.
Coastal Pharmacy at the Coastal Medical Group.

A new electronic correspondence system communicating between GPs and local hospitals is already benefiting patients at Coastal Medical Group.

Docman is being used by the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and Lancashire North Clinical Commissioning Group as a fast and efficient process for sending electronic documents to GP practices thereby improving patient care. Gill Longhurst, Systems Analyst/Developer, said: “We are currently live sending discharge summaries and A&E letters electronically to GP practices and now aim to send even more correspondence this way with a further six sources identified.”

In February the trust was sending over 3,300 letters electronically to GP practices.

Janet Taylor from the Coastal Medical Group said: “The Docman system works really well for us, especially because we receive over 400 letters each day.

“There is no need to move paper around and because we are over three sites it is really important that we are electronic in what we do.”

Coastal Medical Group supports 32,500 patients with Docman.