Help to deal with ill children

Medication for ill child. Photo by Pixabay.
Medication for ill child. Photo by Pixabay.

NHS England and St John Ambulance first aid charity are asking parents to take some simple steps to become more confident in self-care and first aid.

Having an ill child or dealing with a minor injury can be daunting, but parents are often best placed to help their child get better quickly.

Understanding more about common childhood injuries or illnesses, and basic first aid skills, can help you decide what to do.

While it can be daunting when children become ill with a temperature or a minor injury, these can often be dealt with at home with basic first aid skills or with the help of a pharmacist.

Pharmacists can offer expert advice, are often open longer than other NHS services, and can be in more convenient places. Dr Kieran Murphy, Medical Director, NHS England Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria, said: “It can be scary – for young ones and their parents – when children become ill or have a minor accident. Health advice is available at any time by calling 111, or on the NHS Choices website or from your local pharmacist or GP.”