Fitness Formation: Mud, sweat and tears for Warriors

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Lots of blood, sweat, tears, fear, hills and most of all, mud. Plus comradeship, teamwork, grit and determination.

All the afore are synonymous with this weekend’ss Total Warrior 10-mile military obstacle course which Fitness Formation completed in Shap.

More than 20 Fitness Formation Warriors took on the challenge – some for the first time and some with a mission to beat their times from last year.

Long-serving client, Sheryl Coultas, came third in her category with a time of two hours eight minutes, beating her previous attempt last year.

Newly weds Beth and Neil Clayton ran the event for the first time. Being a road runner, Beth took some persuasion to take on the challenge but with the support of husband, Neil, battled through.

She said: “It was filled with giddiness, happiness and togetherness. Crawling through mud, climbing up cargo nets, swimming through freezing cold water, running through fire.

An experience that everyone, no matter what level of fitness you are currently at, should take part in at least once”.

Two other couples from Fitness Formation took part in the gruelling event.

Diane and Darren Winder and Julie and Ged Evison ran the whole event together.

Julie said: “Having only trained for six weeks prior to the event is a true testament to how committed Ryan is and how effective the training at Fitness Formation is.

“I’ve never seen so much mud, but it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.”

Diane agreed: “It was certainly the most challenging thing I’ve taken part in. With the support of my friends and husband, together we did it.

“We climbed the never-ending hills, dodged the barbed wire and pulled ourselves over the walls.”

I am so incredibly proud of everyone who took part. Whether you were doing it to win or to challenge yourself and jump out of your comfort zone, everyone had their reasons why.

The whole idea of an event like Total Warrior is to challenge yourself, not only physically but mentally.

I’d like to personally give a big well done to Gabriella Ceraldi. Her leg went in the first 30 minutes and something wasn’t quite right.

Everyone else had slowly started to disperse and a weaker mind would have thrown in the towel and called it a day, but she didn’t.

Together, we battled through everything, and she never gave up and completed the course.

A never die attitude like that is the epitome of what it is all about.

Gabriella said: “It is one of the best achievements I’ve ever done.”

All round, it was a fantastic day with great people and as I say all the time, step out of your comfort zone and take on a challenge, whether it be it next year’s Total Warrior or taking that all-important first step.