Fitness Formation: Making your new year resolutions last

Make your new year resolutions last
Make your new year resolutions last
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So it’s that time of the year now when everyone has made their resolutions and for the most part, the majority will still be sticking to them.

After all, it’s only nine days into the new year.

One of the biggest and most common new year’s resolutions throughout the world is to exercise more and generally live a healthier lifestyle, be that getting to bed earlier, limiting alcohol, giving up smoking, eating healthier foods more often or exercising more frequently.

Whilst these are all fantastic goals and we should all strive to improve upon them, the majority don’t stick to said goals throughout the year.

It is often said that less than five per cent of people stick to their goals and succeed in completing them.

Why is this the case though? Well, I’m going to give you a personal opinion. Fear.

Most people fail to succeed due to fear and it comes in many forms. Be that fear of success or fear of failure. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day or a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and so on and so forth. Basically what I am trying to say is dream big, set your goals bigger than ever,but just be realistic. You want to lose a stone, maybe two or three. That is great.

Now set a date and micromanage your days backwards. You will get there, just stay focused on that one thing and go after it with everything you have.

Day by day, continuous repetitive action will yield results, not dreaming or talking about it.

Write your goals down and one of the biggest pieces of advice I could give you is to share your goals with the world. Even if it is just the one person, your partner or the whole of Facebook, it really does not matter.

What matters is you’ve made your goals accountable and those who care for you will support you and help you on your journey. Make this year, the best year of your life and I will personally do everything I can to help you along the way in any way I can.

Happy New Year from myself and everyone at Fitness Formation.