Fitness Formation: Don’t be own worst enemy when it comes to making fresh start

A Generic Photo of a sportswoman feeling motivated. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphoto.
A Generic Photo of a sportswoman feeling motivated. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphoto.

Self sabotage is something I feel very strongly about. You set a goal and you do everything you possibly can in order to achieve your goal. Somewhere along the line, something doesn’t go your way and you quit.

Well, most people do. Being successful in anything is not easy – you will fail many times before you get to where you want to be.

In terms of weight loss, it is a complete and utter lifestyle change and for the most part, people have been doing the same thing for years on end.

It is going to take time to change your habits and your beliefs. You will fail along the way, that is a fact. It is how to react and how you respond to the failures that ultimately determines your success in the long run.

Losing weight and getting in shape is simple to do.

However, simple does not mean for one second that it is going to be easy. In the most basic way, you simply move more and eat better.

That is it.

However, life is not always easy and you are most probably stressed out with kids, work, finances and time.

You miss that workout because of lack of time and it soon becomes a week or you eat that chocolate bar because you are stressed.

This is self sabotage.

We all need to better manage our time and not if, but when you fail, limit your self sabotage. You’ve missed the gym for today or you’ve had a chocolate bar, this is no big deal.

Simply re-assess, make a commitment to yourself that you will leave it there and tomorrow or right now, is a fresh start and a chance to change. I challenge you to exercise five times this week, for a minimum of 20 at a time.

Let me know how you get on and remember, these so called failures are learning blocks, they are simply speed bumps along the way. Don’t worry about them, if you self sabotage, simply stop where you are at right now and correct your course.