Community Mental Health survey results released


The results of a recent survey which asked service users about the health care they receive has indicated that mental health services in Lancashire have significantly

improved since this time last year.

The 2013 Community Mental Health Services survey carried out on behalf of the Care

Quality Commission (CQC) asked a sample of service users a number of questions relating to different aspects of their care. Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s results demonstrate improvements around the support offered to carers, transparency around care plans and the provision of an out of hours contact number for the service.

Tim Riding, Network Director for the Adult Mental Health network at Lancashire Care said: “Feedback from the people who use our services is so important to us and we’re really pleased that so many people took time out to complete the survey.

“The results have really helped us to understand the experience of our service users and will help us shape our services for the future.

“This year’s results have helped us identify where we perform well, and also allowed us to pinpoint the areas where there is most room for improvement.”

The survey sought the opinions of service users from 58 NHS Trusts in England.

It asked diverse questions ranging from whether the individual had received adequate support in finding work to whether staff treated service users with dignity and respect.

Areas for improvements were identified such as the need for further involvement in decisions regarding medication, including information on its purpose and side effects.

The results of the survey for Lancashire Care and the other health Trusts that took part can be found by visiting the CQC website at