Cocktail girl’s mum talks for first time

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THE mum of a teenager who had her stomach removed after consuming a drink made with liquid nitrogen today thanked the surgeon who saved her daughter’s life.

Lisa Henshall’s daughter Gaby Scanlon had to undergo life-saving surgery at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary after drinking a cocktail made with 
liquid nitrogen during her 18th birthday celebrations at Oscar’s Wine Bar & Bistro in the city.

Speaking exclusively to the Lancaster Guardian, Mrs Henshall said: “We thank Gaby’s amazing surgeon for saving Gaby’s life, our family and neighbours, everyone at Ripley (St Thomas Church of England Academy), and Gaby’s friends who have supported and encouraged her.”

Mrs Henshall added: “It’s difficult to comprehend the levels of pain and anguish Gaby and us as a family have been through.

“Gaby remains in hospital, however she is make remarkable progress.

“She is thinking positively for her future and we are, of course, dedicated to helping her recover.”

Mrs Henshall said she was fully behind efforts by Lancaster MP David Morris, who is bidding to have the drinks banned.

Mr Morris is determined to bring the issue to the attention of Parliament. He has already written to Prime Minister David Cameron, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt and the Food Standards Agency.

His letter reads: “Gaby consumed a drink containing liquid nitrogen; this chemical is used as a method to give the impression that smoke is emanating from the drink.

“Gaby suffered a ruptured stomach and subsequently had her stomach removed and remains in hospital. I have been shocked that such a chemical is being added to drinks to be consumed by young people.”

Meanwhile, a number of tweeters have been sending Gaby messages using the hashtag #getwellsoongaby including tweeters from as faraway as Spain and Indonesia.

Holly Hagan, one of the stars of MTV show, Geordie Shore, also tweeted her support, saying: “Hope @gabyscanlon_is ok soon #getwellgaby xxx The bar itself, Oscars has withdrawn it from sale and Lancashire Police confirmed investigations are continuing.