Gym owner remains philosophical after deluge damage

The destruction at VVV after Thursdays's storm.
The destruction at VVV after Thursdays's storm.

Obviously, as many of you will have seen, VVV took quite a battering.

VVV is open as normal and classes running as per schedule.

The car park in particular has been most affected.

As soon as we saw what was happening we arranged to have JCBs on site asap.

They worked continuously till after 11pm to clear debris and get the site accessible as possible. In the short term (this next week), we will get this affected area into a state that can be used.

I have three firms providing us with quotes to restore the car park to its original capacity and this will happen as an absolute priority.

The patio area has been severely compromised, but of course, this is of less immediate importance.

The swimming pool has not been damaged in the slightest, but did take in sea water.

This was drained within 24 hours, but the pool opening has had to be put back a week due to drying time necessary to be able to re tile and re grout.

We expect the pool to re open on Monday 23rd and we are working on getting the steam and sauna open w/c 16th December.

The spinning studio floor has been affected and will be lifted and replaced as a priority.

A small part of the gents dry changing room was affected due to it being the only part of the whole club that is at ground level.

This was dealt with Thursday night and is being prepared for it being re opened shortly. We have two damaged air con units and expect to given the go ahead to replace these, again as a matter of priority.

I’d just like to say, one final time how touched we are by people’s support and understanding.

We are pretty philosophical about it and are now just completely focused on getting the club ready for the new year.

The bottom line is no one was hurt and as the saying goes, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’.