Get into the swing with a special night in Lancaster

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Music from the 1920s–1950s mashed up with a funky backbeat and some “devilish knob twiddling and tinkering” comes to the Dalton Rooms in Lancaster next Friday night – the latest installment from city music promoters Lancaster Speakeasy.

The style and era of traditional swing, recently popularised by Bafta-winning silent movie The Artist, is currently enjoying a resurgence in English cities, helped along by new technology and the “electro swing” movement.

Paul Scholefield, who set up Lancaster Speakeasy, and was later joined by Joe Diurwyn, Mandy Blackwell, and vocalist Sally Bloomer, from Lancaster electro swing band Sound Assembly, said the idea behind the events is to bring back the glamour and put it back into modern nightlife.

He explained: “It came about after we realised the music we were listening to and playing on Diversity Radio was not being played in and around Lancaster.

“I’d been listening to music coming out of France – Caravan Palace, Denmark – Analogik, Austria – Parov Stelar, Germany and the Balkans, which wasn’t being listened to apart from in the big cities, so we decided to host our own event here in Lancaster. It means we can bring this new music right to our own doorstep.”

Next Friday’s gig features London duo The Correspondents, with support from Sound Assembly ( and DJs Mr Somuch, Roc Vicar and Odylic Force.

From their record label Finger Lickin’, whose roster boasts the likes of Dub Pistols, Freestylers, Krafty Kuts and Utah Saints: “The Correspondents are Mr Bruce and Chucks who together revamp vintage sounds for the modern ear.

“Resuscitating sampled relics with squelchy synths over dusty drum loops, they’ve depicted the trials and errors of love, lust and loss over foot-tapping ‘get your brogues on’ dance floor electro swing.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (23-02-12) for full story.