Generous effort to raise money for Chad

Homeless man, Chad, pictured in happier times.
Homeless man, Chad, pictured in happier times.

Young children to 90-year-olds have donated money to pay for a plaque to remember a homeless man who died.

Chad, or Charles Martin Pollock, a well-known figure in Morecambe’s west end and town centre, passed away in hospital in April.

Determined that he should have a more permanent memorial, Vanilla Hair and Beauty salon owner Helen Sharples set up a crowdfunding page to raise £1000 for a plaque at the crematorium, which has now been topped, with a total of £1127.

Helen, who owns the salon on Albert Road, said: “Two little boys came in and donated their pocket money and even a 90-year-old donated. A lot of people who didn’t even know Chad and saw the page have donated. There is now enough for a plaque and any left over will be shared equally between St Barnabas church who have a soup kitchen for the homeless and Wolfwood who have looked after Chad’s dog Misty.

“I have been very touched bythe donations and would like to thank everyone for being so amazing.”

Chad is originally thought to be from London but came to Morecambe in the early 2000s before fallingon hard times.

A few years ago he had a brown and white spaniel called Misty who used to live with him on the streets and would regularly be seen around the west end where he had a squat in a derelict outhouse.

Helen added: “It was how he wanted to live and we might find it hard to understand that b ut he chose this. He never went hungry or thirsty and had everything he wanted.”
Funeral arrangements have yet to be made for Chad, but a memorial plaque will be put in place at the crematorium in due course.