Galgate mum brings meditation back to basics

Toni Fraser-Brennand in her meditation hub at her home in Galgate
Toni Fraser-Brennand in her meditation hub at her home in Galgate

Mindfulness and meditation is in danger of becoming too popular according to one Lancaster teacher.

Toni Fraser-Brennard, who has been a meditation teacher for three years, says people can become overwhelmed by the thousands of mobile apps, articles and books on offer.

The 34-year-old is taking meditation, a practice where an individual trains the mind to release stress, worry and anxiety, back to basics.

She said: “Nowadays people are realising they need something to release stress, but meditation means so much more.

“We all lead busy lives but just 20 minutes a day can make a real difference.

“There are so many things out there, it’s all trying to get over the same point, freedom. I am not trying to water it down, when things become really popular they loose their purity.”

Toni says meditation is all about giving the mind a job to do and should come as naturally as brushing your teeth.

The mum-of-three got into the practice five years ago and now runs Soul Meditation at her home in Galgate.

After a career as a carer at Beaumont College, in Lancaster, she decided it was time to take some time back for herself.

“It was a hard job, intense. I thought, I have cared for people for so long, it is now time to care for me and to show others how to care for themselves.

“I suffered with migraines from a teenager and now I don’t get them because of meditation.

“I didn’t realise how anxious I was or controlling I was, I have completely transformed now.”

Studies have shown that regular meditation is an effective treatment for health, stress, worry and anxiety.

People who may have gone through a crisis or breakdown come to Toni in times of need.

She has taught more than 100 people with many asking the same question: “What if I can’t do this or clear my mind?”

She said: “Those questions are all myths, once you know how to do it, you never change.

“If people started doing this earlier we would have less stuff to clear.”

Toni is also running Soul Meditation with her husband James at Halton Mill on Saturday July 31 from 10am-4.30pm, costs £120, call 07507126040.