Future of our city comes under the national spotlight

Williamson Park in Lancaster.
Williamson Park in Lancaster.

Lancaster’s rich history will form part of a government project looking at the future of cities in the UK.

‘Foresight - Future of Cities’, is being run nationally by the Government Office for Science.

It aims to look at what UK cities will look like in the years 2040 and 2065 and to provide central and local government with an evidence base to support good decisions in the short-term which will lead to positive outcomes for cities in the long-term.

Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce had the idea that they should consult with young people in the area about how they envisage the future of the district, as they will be the ones around to see it.

This developed into considering how young people’s outlooks may differ according to different stages of life, and how they may have alternative viewpoints to many adults.

A spokeswoman for the chamber said: “The Chamber thought it would be fun to run the project as a competition for young people. The competition format allows young people to explore the future of the district in a non-pressured way.

“We fully believe that the workshops and competition can foster a more proactive response to the future, instilling young participants with a confidence in their ability to positively influence the future.

“In fact, all competition entries will form the basis for a report that will be fed directly back to the Government Office for Science, and will be incorporated into future local policy.”

An exhibition, Looking Back/Forwards’ is at The Storey Institute until August 22, and the children and young people’s competition closes at 5pm on Monday September 15, with a brand new iPad and a bumper retro sweets hamper up for grabs in each age category.

For more information go to www.gov.uk/government/collections/future-of-cities.