From Lancaster University to Hollywood

Former Lancaster University  student Amy Harvey is hoping to make a name for herself in America.
Former Lancaster University student Amy Harvey is hoping to make a name for herself in America.

A former Lancaster University student is rubbing shoulders with some big names ias she prepares to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

Amy Harvey is having the time of her life after gaining a place at TVI Actors Studio in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old has already met acting stars Eddie Murphy and Russell Simmons and is hoping to gain as much experience as she can whilst out in America.

The budding actress, who studied theatre at Lancaster University, flew out to the States on July 9 and has loved every moment so far.

Amy said: “I’ve been here just over a month now and I am loving it! I was over the moon to be awarded the scholarship as it has helped massively with my fees and gave me a big boost of confidence.

“I see this as the start of my future now. TVI has gave me the skills and contacts I need to become a working actress, so my plan is to do exactly that, act.

“I just want this to be my living for the foreseeable future and I want to inspire others to follow their dreams.”

Amy’s course runs until the end of November and is currently lined up for several auditions – but her lips are tightly sealed.

She said: “I do have quite a few things coming up but I’m not allowed to say!

“They include some independent films which I am really looking forward to.”

Amy has come a long way since graduating in 2013.

She said: “I am sure the university would be extremely happy for me but as of yet they actually don’t know I am here.

“There is one particular teacher, Nigel Stewart, who I owe a lot of my skills to. He taught me dance but the skills he taught me are invaluable to any actress.”

Amy still can’t quite believe she is mixing with big stars and is overwhelmed by the support.

She said: “When I met Eddie Murphy and Russell Simmons I just froze as my brain tired to catch up with what was happening and who I was stood in front of!

“My family do whatever they can and always come to my shows.”

TVI Actors Studio is the preeminent acting school in LA for students of all levels.

It helps students with one-on-one career advice as well as being home to a variety of TV and film workshops.

TVI also has a school in New York.

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