Fresh start for hair stylists after redundancy blow

Studio 4 Hair Lounge
Studio 4 Hair Lounge

Four stylists who were 
made redundant when a city salon shut down have pooled their resources to open new premises in Lancaster.

Sharon Mitchell, 45, Vicky Mayor, 28, Paige Griffin, 20, and Amanda Nelson, 27 have set up their own salon after losing their jobs at the former salon chain Regis Hair in the city.

The quintet took the plunge and opened up the aptly named Studio 4 Hair Lounge in Slip Inn Lane off Market Street.

Sharon, who had worked for Regis for 16 years, including as area manager, and lives in Bilsborrow, said: “I recently came back to manage the Regis salon in Lancaster.
I was there for three months, and then in September they told us that the business would be closing.

“We had until the end of September to sort everything out.

“We had a lot of clients who were very loyal to us, and at that point none of us knew what we were going to do.”

What started out as a bit of a joke to boost morale suddenly became real when the girls decided to take the plunge and open up a business of their own.

“I made a joke and said well we’ve got all the clients, why don’t we do something ourselves?” Sharon said.

“So we started looking for premises. We had no funding, but clubbed together and have managed to pull it all together in six weeks.

“We had some issues with furniture and at one point had to borrow chairs and mirrors from Fibbers round the corner!”

Sharon added: “We’ve gone through hell and back, and it’s not been easy, but we’ve all stayed loyal to eachother.

“We’re really happy we’ve done it, it’s certainly tested our friendship, but hopefully we’ll be laughing about it in a year’s time.”

The four stylists said they wanted to thank clients for being so loyal.

Sharon added: “It’s been blood, sweat and tears getting this off the ground, but we’ve done it, and we’d like to thank everyone who has stayed loyal to us while we got it sorted.”