Four lives saved by Morecambe lifeboat crew in 2017

The Morecambe Lifeboat.
The Morecambe Lifeboat.

Morecambe’s lifeboat crew saved four lives at sea during the last year.

Statistics compiled by the RNLI show that the volunteer lifeboat crew was launched 24 times during 2017, with their inshore lifeboat launching on 11 occasions and their inshore rescue hovercraft on 13 occasions.

This total does not include the times when the crew was called out but stood down before launching or requested to be ready on standby but not deployed.

The volunteers launched at least once a month during 2017, May being the busiest month, when they launched five times. Throughout the year, their search and rescue craft were launched less than 10 minutes after being alerted, with the exception of one incident on the River Lune in January, which took 12 minutes.

The charity only claims that a life has been ‘saved’ after an operational committee in the RNLI’s headquarters in Poole has looked at the circumstances of the service and concluded that the casualty would have died without the intervention of the lifeboat crew.

During the year, the Morecambe crew saved a total of four lives; a further four people were rescued and three people were assisted. Coastal fatality figures show 109 people lost their lives at the UK coast in 2017, six of those off the north west coast.

Morecambe’s volunteers are committed to reducing this figure and the lifeboat station hosted educational visits for more than 800 visitors from schools, youth groups and other organisations during the year,; including all the pupils from West End Primary School.