Former Morecambe high risk sex offender found

Police who launched a manhunt for a high-risk child offender after he told an officer he was thinking of offending again now say he has been caught.

Thursday, 29th September 2016, 12:10 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:02 pm
Police say a high risk child offender has been found after he told an officer he was thinking of offending again.

The police put him up in a bed and breakfast accommodation – but then he had gone to ground.

Anthony Goad was driven out of his home town after residents mounted a poster hate campaign against him when his sex offending with children was first exposed in 2001 in Morecambe.

On Tuesday this week, 46-year-old Goad walked into police headquarters at Blackpool, where he now lives, and confessed he was having perverted thoughts about some of the young daughters of a neighbour.

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Police arranged for Goad to stay overnight on Tuesday at a seaside bed and breakfast guesthouse several miles away from the mother and children’s house. Goad agreed to return to the police station yesterday morning, but he failed to turn up.

Goad is on post sentence supervision by the Probation Service after he was bailed for breaching the terms of his lifetime Sexual Offenders’ Prevention Order imposed in 2001.

The breach of the SOPO was prosecuted at Preston Crown Court after he had contact with two 17-year-old girls he met through his then 21-year-old girlfriend.

Goad originally comes from Morecambe, but was driven out of the town after locals launched a hate campaign against him.

They published posters bearing his picture and name after a series of attacks he carried out on young girls.

Probation officer Peter Moran successfully applied for 
a warrant with no bail for Goad’s arrest at Blackpool Magistrate’s Court.

He told the court: “Goad is a sex offender who poses a high and significant risk to the public.

“He has disappeared after police put him up in a bed and breakfast after he told them he was thinking of offending with a neighbour’s