Food bank meets growing demand

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Last month, Morecambe Bay Food Bank handed out 1.6 tons of food and supplies to 126 people in the bay area.

The project, whic h was launched in November, aims to provide essentials to familes struggling to cope with the cost of living.

The Rev Peter Brown, of Green Street Methodist Church, where the food bank is based, said he was “staggered” by the generosity of people who had to deal with a very tight budget themselves.

“We had a huge appeal in December and we asked for three tonnes of food and come January we had 10 tonnes of food,” he said.

“Over Christmas we gave emergency food to people in the local area.

“We fed 126 people in March, and in April so far it’s already 120 people and it’s likely to get higher. It’s much much higher than we expected.

“In the first couple of weeks in April we’ve seen a marked increase in people coming.

“The benefit changes kicked in and also it was the school holidays, and with a lot of people locally being on free school meals, they found it hard to feed their families in the holidays.”

“We want this to be sustainable for as long as it is needed and necessary. People have been generous so far, but there’s still a need. We want people to remember us, any donations will be most welcome.”

Anyone wishing to donate food or money can either take it to Morecambe Bay Food Bank at Green Street Methodist Church, call 07591 763130, donate to their local Methodist Church, or contact online