Food Assembly makes national TV food awards

Joanne Halliwell, Lancaster Food Assembly host.
Joanne Halliwell, Lancaster Food Assembly host.

The Food Assembly is finalist in the ‘Best Food Initiative’, it was announced at the BBC Food Awards at the weekend.

With more than 300 members in Lancaster, The Food Assembly aims to change food culture in the UK by allowing people to buy directly off farmers and local foodmakers.

Every week Food Assembly customers in Lancaster can order food online from their local assembly before picking it up at a weekly pop­up market.

All the food comes from within 100 miles of the area.

Each assembly creates paid work for a local host.

The Lancaster Assembly is hosted by food­obsessed Joanne Halliwell, who loves to share her passion of food with others.

She said: “I love to know who has grown or raised my food and I want to be able to access thebest local food in the area in the most convenient way for me.

“I want to share my real passion for good food with other people and make a difference to my local food economy.”

Sheila Dillon, presenter of Radio 4’s The Food Programme and host of the awards, said: “I’ve never before felt so strongly that food and farming are changing the UK. Many ofthe best, most entrepreneurial, engaged minds are now in the food business.”

The average farmer in the UK receives seven per cent of the retail price when supplying throughconventional supply chains such as supermarkets, compared with 83.3 per cent through Food Assemblies.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony held in Bristol on April 30.

Launched in the UK in July 2014, The Food Assembly is the UK branch of anetwork that began in France three years ago. With 11 UK Assemblies open to date, Lancaster has more than 300 members and is growing.