FLOODS CHAOS: Worried families braced as water levels continue to rise

Families across Lancashire are bracing themselves as water levels continue to rise in parts on the county.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 26th December 2015, 3:43 pm

Walton-le-Dale resident Sophie Wilding, 32, is among dozens of people preparing to leave their Victoria Road homes as water levels continue to rise.

Mum-of-two Sophie said: “It’s bad. The Ribble has breached about three fields back on one side of our house and our garden is now flooded. It’s just started raining.

“The water is still rising. It has risen a couple of feet since around 10am already.

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Fields flooded by Ribble River in Walton-le-Dale

“It hasn’t come into the house yet. We are moving some things in case it does.

“The water has breached further down but it’s gone past the flood defences on our side. I don’t know if neighbours have left yet.

“We are just chasing round the kids rabbits trying to get them as the garden is still filling with water.

“We are pretty stuck as anywhere we would go is also flooded: Leyland areas, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, and the bypass areas.”

Flooding in Mrs Wilding's Victoria Road garden

One devastated farmer, from Northwest Game and Poultry Farm, posted on social media: “Thirteen chickens and two sheep drowned over night; two coops were destroyed beyond repair, and eight fields flooded despite my efforts and working non-stop to try and divert the water last night.”

More than 20 miles away in Thornton, a 22-year-old NHS worker reported being trapped in his home by flooding on Stanah Road.

He said: “The water is still rising. Still a few silly people driving through but they’re getting less and less now. Police have been up and down a couple of times.

“The water must be more than two feet deep.

Flooding in Stanah Road, Thornton

“This is only road in and out of Wyre estuary and as the back lane is one way getting out will be a no-go. Luckily I got wellies for Christmas!”

Sue Barry, from Hambleton, said: “The water here is still rising.

“We live on Kiln Lane and the dyke runs past the back of our house and into the River Wyre at Wardleys Creek. Most of the road is flooded. The drains can’t cope.”