Flooding hits Bentham and Ingleton

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PEOPLE in Bentham and Ingleton were hit by flooding on Monday.

Crews from Bentham Fire Station were called to Westgate Lane, Bentham at 5.32pm on after flash flooding.

Properties were affected, with water reaching 12 inches in depth.

Crews pumped out water to bring the levels down and advised occupants to contact electricians and insurance companies.

Firefighters were then called to Ingleborough Park Close in Ingleton just after 6pm.

The water had not yet reached properties but was affecting the areas outside.

Sandbags were provided for residents.

At 6.38pm a fire crew from over the border in Kirkby Lonsdale attended a property in Backgate, Ingleton, where the ground floor had been under around 12 inches of water.

The water had receded by the time they arrived and firefighters urged the occupants to call an electrician.

At 7.13pm, Clapham Cave Resuce, were called to Tatham Wife Hole on the side of Ingleborough when a party of cavers was reported overdue.

The first cave rescue team found the entrance to the cave impassable due to flooding following heavy rain.

As water levels fell, the team was able to enter the cave and found four cavers – two men aged 48 and 32, and two women aged 29 and 28 – sheltering in the first chamber.

They were hauled out to the surface and accompanied down to the road at the Ingleton Granite Quarries.

More than 40mm of rain – nearly a month’s worth – fell in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, where the canal breached its banks.