Fitness Formation: You have the power to change

VVV instructor Ryan ODonohue and Richard Evans
VVV instructor Ryan ODonohue and Richard Evans

You’ve been going strong and you started so well, but then the chaos – otherwise known as life – slowly crept in and began to take over.

You set out on this commendable mission of getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle, yet the paperwork is piling up, the kids have more extra curricular activities this term and your favourite TV show is back on the box.

Don’t let life get in the way of your success.

Embrace the chaos. Keep taking action on your goals and constantly refer back to the reasons why you set out on this journey in the first place.

Delegate some time wasting tasks that will free valuable time and sacrifice an hour in front of the TV tonight.

Hit the road running or attend an exercise class with some friends. You’ll be amazed at how the action you consistently take now, delivers you success and happiness tomorrow.

Wasting valuable time complaining about a lack of time or motivation won’t make tomorrow any better.

You have the power to change – just make a choice. It’s down to you.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a way of life.

Take ownership and make time for you and your health.

If you crumble or are lacking in motivation, correct your behaviour and carry on.

The best way to make this new found goal last and to give it any sustainability is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Family, friends and colleagues can be a great help. Introduce yourself to new people at the gym. Find people who make you feel happy.

Spend time with people who will support and encourage you when the going gets tough.

The best people to surround yourself with are people who are aiming for a better future. Basically, people who are moving forward and not standing still.

Let me ask you a question. Have you rewarded yourself for all your hard work so far?

Be sure to reward yourself for the progress you have made and for all the hard work you have put in so far.

You thoroughly deserve it.

Richard’s story:

Running a successful business and bringing up a family can leave little time for getting fit, but Richard Evans is proving that anything is possible.

Richard, who lives at Hest Bank and is managing director of The Gravy Train Catering Company, has lost more than three stones (441lbs) in his first eight weeks of training with Ryan from Fitness Formation.

This means Richard has lost an average of 5.5lbs of weight each week and has shed seven per cent of his body fat.

The 46-year-old, who is originally from Sale in Manchester, recently moved to Hest Bank with his wife Nicol and two of his three sons.

Richard, a keen sportsman, has always loved rugby and often plays: “I’ve had four different personal trainers over the past couple of years in Manchester and I’ve gained some fitness but that’s it,” says Richard.

“I’ve never lost weight like this before.”

As well as losing weight Richard has significantly increased his strength and fitness.

“When we moved our family to Hest Bank, we had heard of Fitness Formation and Ryan,” he says.

“I contacted him and we had a long chat over the phone and arranged a meeting, to which I took my wife along.

“Ryan was very passionate, welcoming and eager to start. He even roped my wife into training, which I didn’t think would be possible, but she loves it now.

“I decided enough was enough - I needed to change. I believed in Ryan and got on board with him.

“We spent a long time mapping out some clear goals and Ryan assured me that, through hard work and a little patience, I could achieve my goals.

“However, I did not expect the results to come this soon.”

Richard offers a few words of wisdom to people who have not tried personal training: “If I can do this, anyone can.

“Believe in yourself (and your trainer) and take it day by day and the results will come.”

Richard’s goal for 2013 is to get down to 14 stone.

Ryan adds: “From 23 stones only three months ago, Richard is a long way from this goal, but with his work ethic and a strict training and diet regime, he will achieve this goal.

“I’m in awe of Richard’s transformation so far.

“He is a genuinely hard working, humble man who cares for his family.

“I love training both Richard and his wife, Nic.

“We have only just begun, which is the exciting part as I believe this will change their lives.”

*For further information go to or email Ryan at Fitness Formation also has a Facebook page. Call Ryan on 07596 227854.