Fitness Formation with Ryan Donohue: Get results fast

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Do you want to fast track your fitness and fat loss results this year?

After scheduling in your weekly workouts like an important work meeting or doctor’s appointment, your training will slowly become part of your weekly routine.

However, in order to cement this resolution into a new-found habit, you must be consistent.

It is all too easy to fall out of sync, and delay your next workout until next week. Keep up the hard work –you’re doing great so far.

In order to see fast results, start to take these easy steps.

Pop your earphones in and pump up the volume.

Conjure up a playlist of your favourite tracks, which will raise your energy levels and fire you up for the duration of the workout.

A well thought-out playlist will keep you pushing forward, when you might be lacking the motivation to complete that final lap on the treadmill.

Mix things up and vary the intensity. Instead of plodding along and going through the motions, push yourself to your limit for 30-60 seconds, and then ease off for a couple of minutes and repeat that sequence half a dozen times, to increase your fitness in half the time and boost your metabolism.

This technique is known as interval training.

Don’t stick to the same plan every time you step outside the door or into the gym.

Try something different to last time.

Make sure you always work with some form of resistance. This could simply be your own bodyweight to start with, and in time, progress to free weights.

Working out with resistance is simply the most effective way to get in shape.