Firm points out the benefit of pontoon for bridge repairs

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You may have noticed a strange contraption floating on the River Lune recently and wondered what it was.

It’s actually a pontoon to allow repointing work to be done on Skerton Bridge.

Owner of Northern Pontoon Ltd, Lee Nicholls, said: “We are based in Holme and install floating pontoons throughout the UK creating ‘land on water’for commercial projects such as bridge maintenance works and floating walkways and roads.

“We built the pontoons at our yard in large sections and then they were delivered to Snatchems on our wagon.

“Once the water was high enough we transported the sections by boat to Skerton Bridge and wrapped the pier, then installed the floating access walkway.

“Safety barriers were then installed round the perimeter.

“Using pontoons and working from the water is a great option so the traffic can remain flowing with no road or bridge closures. “

David Leung, the county council’s bridges design and maintenance manager, said: “We are carrying out maintenance works on the mortar beds between the arch stonework at Skerton Bridge because they have deteriorated and are being re-pointed with fresh mortar.

“We are doing this from a floating pontoon because the river is tidal.

“We anticipate that it will take around four weeks to complete the works.”