Fire hazard hotel was a '˜death trap'

Fire alarms covered with socks and plastic bags and fire doors propped open with fire extinguishers were just some of the shocking breaches of fire regulations uncovered at a '˜death trap' hotel in Morecambe.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 4:02 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:59 pm
Sunny's Inn in Morecambe - the landlord breached 12 fire safety regulations and pleaded guilty at Lancaster Magistrates Court.

As a result of a complaint to Lancashire County Council, Sunny’s Inn on West End Road in Morecambe, was visited by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) and County Strategic, Lancaster City Council Environmental Health and Principal Housing Options.

Investigators found that several people were staying at the time, with two being long term residents and other short term residents staying for varying periods.They found that a smoke detector in one of the bedrooms was covered with a plastic bag, and in another bedroom, the smoke detector was covered by a sock, meaning any smoke from a fire would not be detected at an early stage,

Fire doors were wedged open with fire extinguishers, mean a fire could spread easily throughout the rooms.

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There was a hole in one of the ceilings, meaning fire could travel to the room above.

The ‘dumb waiter’ was wedged open, meaning any fire on the ground floor could quickly spread to upper floors through the dumb waiter shaft.

A cardboard box was left in an escape corridor which could have tripped residents’ trying to escape and could have also caught fire.

Some of the doors to the bedrooms would not close, therefore making it easier for fire to spread. Landlord Syed Masood Ahmed had previously received a number of fire safety notices but continued to allow the premises to be used for sleeping accommodation.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service prosecuted Mr Ahmed and he pleaded guilty to twelve offences which placed people at risk of death or serious injury by fire when he appeared at Lancaster Magistrates Court.

A sock covered one of the fire detectors in the bedroom.

Ahmed, 46, of St George’s Road, Preston, has been bailed to appear for sentencing at Preston Crown Court on August 18.

On Trip Advisor, there are 15 reviews of Sunny’s Inn in Morecambe.

Of those, 54% (eight reviewers) say the hotel is terrible.

However, one reviewer classed the hotel as excellent, three reviewers gave very good ratings and another three reviewers stated the hotel was average.

There was a hole in one of the ceilings, meaning fire could travel to the room above.

One reviewer stated it was the ‘worst B and B I’ve ever stayed in, unsafe and a shambles’ whilst another said it was ‘value for money.’

A sock covered one of the fire detectors in the bedroom.