Fire damages oriental food store

The aftermath of the fire at the Full House Noodle Bar on Monday morning.
The aftermath of the fire at the Full House Noodle Bar on Monday morning.

An oriental food store and noodle bar in Lancaster city centre is expected to be closed for up to eight weeks after fire ripped through the ground floor of the property on Monday.

Fire crews were called to the KF Oriental Food Store and Full House Noodle Bar in Common Garden Street at 7.53am after passers-by spotted smoke coming from the building.

The fire, which is thought to have started in a freezer in the shop, caused damage to some of the appliances on the ground floor as well as smoke damage throught the premises.

Owner Lk Wong said she was alerted by a friend and got to the scene at about 8.20am.

“There were six fire enginesoutside the shop and the road was closed and they made me stand back,” she said.

“I was told it wasn’t a very big fire but that the freezer had been badly damaged.

“All the ceiling is black and a lot of the food is damaged.

“The restaurant is OK but it needs a lot of cleaning because of the smoke and water damage.”

Mrs Wong said she hoped the premises would re-open as soon as possible.

“We are lucky, the damage is not as bad as it could have been because it didn’t spread to the whole building,” she said.

“I can’t imagine how bad it could have been.

“Hopefully we can open up again quickly, possibly in about six to eight weeks.”

The business opened two years ago after the shop moved from the old market hall.

It has a food store on the ground floor and restaurant on the second floor, wih a small store room above.