Fire at Heysham High Sports College

FIREFIGHTERS were called out to Heysham High Sports College during the early hours of this morning after reports of a fire.

They received a call just before 4am from security company G4S who had been called out because an intruder alarm went off.

The security guard got into the school and eventually found a smouldering fire at the entrance to the sports centre.

Dave Gillon, Blue Watch crew manager said: “There were the remnants of a fire but no flames. Five to six square metres of the front face of the building were affected by the fire but the windows had failed and smoke had got into the building.

“One hundred square metres of the building were severely affected by smoke, which also affected the reception area and two large gyms, one of which had been set up for an exam.

“The fire involved a plastic collection recycling wheelie bin and its contents, which we believe was set alight deliberately.”

Police and the fire service are treating the fire as suspicious and have launched an investigation.