Financial risk too great for Shrimps concerts

Plans to hold music concerts at Morecambe FC’s Globe Arena are not financially viable at the moment according to the club’s vice-chairman.

Tuesday, 14th April 2015, 12:41 pm
Morecambe FC.

The Shrimps have been looking at the idea since 2011 but were initially hit by problems with noise and time restrictions.

Now vice-chairman Nigel Adams has told a fans’ forum that the financial risk of the venture also doesn’t meet the reward with a £500,000 cost to stage the event needing to be met by 20,000 ticket sales across a three-day festival.

Mr Adams, managing director of Omega Holidays, however said the club had not given up on the idea.

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He said: “We’ve looked at it.

“It would be a festival over two or three nights but the problem is the cost against the risk.

“Staging would cost around £200,000 and an artist that would sell would be around 50 to £100,000 so the exercise was getting on for £500,000.

“It’s got to be financed and we were looking at a break even of 20,000 tickets over three nights.

“I’d absolutely love to do it but there would be noise and hours restrictions too. Maybe one day.”

It is understood preliminary discussions revealed that any concerts would have to end by 9pm due to noise concerns in the surrounding area.