Fiery ambition to turn town red is growing stronger every single day

Steve Trainor has set up a Poppyscatter campaign in Morecambe.
Steve Trainor has set up a Poppyscatter campaign in Morecambe.

As part of a series celebrating Morecambe’s Finest, the personalities and unsung heroes who make our town great, reporter Michelle blade speaks to steve trainor who is the driving force behind the town’s Poppy Scatter campaign.

A small seed of an idea planted in the mind of Steve Trainor has now grown bigger than he ever imagined.

When the bus driver noticed a post on social media site Facebook about the centenary of World War One saying that it would be good to pick a plot and scatter poppy seeds on it, he was inspired.

“I just thought ‘what a brilliant idea’” Steve explained.

“I was determined to do it, so I got a committee together.

“Local councillor Margaret Pattison got the city council on board, MP David Morris got on board and councillors came to meetings about the Poppy Scatter.

“We held our first poppy scatter in February in Happy Mount Park and we asked local youngster Poppy (pictured right) to become the face of the campaign.

“We don’t want the campaign to be aimed at a certain age, we want everyone to get involved.

“Poppy already drags her grandma to the park to see if her poppy has grown yet.

“It’s picking up around the country and every school in Morecambe should plant poppy seeds and next year, who knows, the whole country could be red.

“I also have plans to have dog display teams, bands, cooking lessons in the field and an army helicopter to do a flypast and scatter poppy petals into Morecambe Bay .”

The Poppy Scatter campaign is involved in Barefest on June 7, and Happy Mount Park cafe is planning on holding a family fun day on June 21.

There are also plans for a 10 pin bowling night and doing the longest zip wire in Europe in Wales.

Steve added: “It’s gone wild, it’s really taken me aback and I didn’t realise it would go as well as it has.I’m astounded at the amount of people backing the campaign.

“I bought six million seeds which have all gone and I have bought another 10 million.

“I want to try to plant a seed for every soldier.

“Seeds have been plante d in Morecambe, Overton, Middleton, and Hest Bank and Carnforth have given some land for planting.

““This year we want to turn Morecambe red and in five years time we want the country to be red.”

Steve, 55, lives in Heysham with his fiancee Helen Stainton and has a stepdaughter Laura, 27. A bus driver for Stagecoach for two years, he is originally from Stockport where he tragically lost both his parents by the age of 17.

He said: “My mum died aged 35 from kidney failure and my dad died at the age of 43 after suffering a blood clot on the brain.

“I was 17 when my dad died and was working in Wales. I went back to live with my sisters in Stockport and then I lived in Blackpool for 26 years.

“Four years ago we moved to Morecambe.

“Morecambe and the area is slowly picking up especially with the carnival , the food Festival, the Wray Scarecrow Festival, which brought thousands of people into the district. This is what we need more of for Morecambe. Blackpool has an outdoor stage, if Morecambe could get one that would be great.”

The Poppy Scatter campaign is still ongoing and items are needed for the auction for Barefest.

If anyone can help please call Steve on 07807 558864.

Poppy seeds are still for sale for the campaign and can be bought from Steve or local councillors involved in the campaign. Visit for more information.