Fashion shop owner was Lancaster’s queen of style

Ron and Pamela Moore.
Ron and Pamela Moore.

Pamela Moore’s clothes shop has been right at the heart of ladies fashion in Lancaster for 60 years.

Pamela, who has died aged 77 after a long illness, was the co-founder of the stylish Renes Lapelle store.

Pamela Moore with her husband Ron.

Pamela Moore with her husband Ron.

Selling top-of-the-range designer clothing, Renes is an iconic city centre business and was Pamela’s pride and joy.

“The shop was her passion, she lost herself in it and she loved serving her customers,” said her daughter Tiffany.

Pamela was born in Morecambe and grew up in Lancaster with her mum Irene Newby and sister Brenda.

She first set up Renes with her mother in 1955, the shop taking its name from Irene.

Renes Lapelle initially had a shop on Penny Street and there were also two on King Street. Later it moved to a three-storey premises in Arndale House, King Street and when the market was re-designed moved to its present home at 23/25 Common Garden Street.

Pamela, who was involved in running the shop from the age of 15 right up until her final years, was a striking woman and always made sure she looked good.

“She was really glamorous,” said Tiffany.

“She was always in high heels and her hair was immaculate. Shoes, hair and handbags, and of course fashion, were her passions. My mum was fab. She was one of the people of Lancaster who made the city what it is.

“A lot of older people will remember going in Renes, there’s a lot of history there.”

Pamela met her husband Ron in 1962 at a dance held on the Central Pier in Morecambe, after Ron had been demobbed from the army.

They were married on March 20 1964. The following year their son Mark was born and Tiffany four years after that. The couple had four grandchildren, Mark’s children James, Charles, Victoria and Beatrice.

Tiffany, her cousin Amanda and Brenda will continue to run Renes Lapelle. The shop is still going strong and Tiffany said they are determined to carry on as Pam would have wanted with the same drive and passion for the business.

Pamela’s funeral will be held at the Holy Trinity Church, Bolton-le-Sands, on Wednesday, June 24 at 1.30pm. Donations can be made to St John’s Hospice.