Family’s truly special present

Martin and Amy with Daniel and Jack.
Martin and Amy with Daniel and Jack.

Brothers born weighing just three pounds between them have battled the odds to enjoy a happy Christmas and New Year.

Daniel Barwell astonished doctors when he survived after being born at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary weighing just one pound.

This year his new brother Jack was born weighing just two pounds. Now, after three months in hospital he is home with his brother and relieved mum and dad Amy and Martin Bartwell.

Amy described her miracle boys as “two in a million” and is now looking forward to her family’s first “normal” Christmas.

The couple, who live on Schola Green Lane, Morecambe, are planning to spoil Daniel, now three, who was born weighing just 1lb 3oz (600g) in May 2009.

On January 23 this year, Amy, 20

, gave birth to Jack also at the RLI. The tot weighed in at 2lb 1oz. Both defied the odds to make a full recovery after weeks in Intensive Care.

Daniel was born 17 weeks early on May 24 2009 after Amy got an infection in her womb and suffered a split in her placenta.

Her due date was September 17.

Two years later Amy got pregnant again, and first went into labour at 22 weeks.

She said: “I was really paranoid about it all, but everyone said it would be okay because every baby is different.

“I was adamant I would have him early and I went into labour at 22 weeks, but they managed to stop it while I was 2cm dilated.

“I went back into labour when I was 26 weeks and this time there wasn’t a lot they could do about it.

“At 6pm I was 3-4cm dilated, but by 11pm I was back to zero, which to me was really unusual, I didn’t know the cervix could close, but the midwives seemed okay about it.

“After half an hour I started feeling pain, and by the time Martin arrived, Jake was coming and 20 minutes later he was born.

“I don’t even know what went through my head at the time,

“I didn’t want to think about what might happen, I think I just kept my mind blank.

“Daniel and Jake are two in a million to me. They’re very special babies.”

Jake spent 12 weeks at Burnley General Hospital, where Amy said he was well looked after.

“He struggled for a bit because he had a big hole in his heart that wouldn’t close, but he was given medication and it closed up,” she said.

“I was just on autopilot, I didn’t even want to try and hope for the best.

“After Jack was born, and because we didn’t know what was going to happen, I took Daniel to see him because I wanted to make sure that I could tell Daniel he met his brother even if he didn’t make it.”

Amy, who married Martin, 23, at Lancaster Registry Office in July last year, said the two boys were really close, and that Jack, 11 months, was just starting to fit into three to six month old’s outfits.

She added: “To me, Daniel just looks like any normal three year old.

“He didn’t talk for a long time, he’s only just started talking now, and he’s had speach therapy, and occupational therapy.

“I put him in nursery when he was two. I was at work, and it took him a year to settle in at nursery.

“To be honest he’s been quite a naughty child.

“Because he spent so long trying to speak he would get frustrated and a bit violent, but once he started, that was it, now he doesn’t stop talking!

“It feels like we’re a nornal family noww, we’ve moved into a house, and both boys are fine, we’ve even got a real Christmas tree this year and Daniel is going to be really spoint.

She added: “That’s it now, no more, they’re hard enough work as it is.”

The world’s smallest surviving baby, Kimberley Muller, was born in Hanover, Germany, in 2007 weighing just over 10oz.