Eyesore park is used as a toilet for dogs

A children's play park is being used as a dog's toilet as well as a hangout for taking drugs and drinking alcohol, says a resident.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 8:00 am
Poulton play park.

Poulton play park is the site of the former Morecambe market and is now an eyesore which needs to be replaced, says a neighbour.

Stephen Mycroft, of Rose Street, said: “I saw chaps from the council emptying the bins and they said they regularly remove waste from the park. It’s dirty, the play equipment is out of date, damaged and sparse, there is litter, dog dirt and overflowing waste bins.

“A large number of aggressive teenagers hang out there, and older adults occupy the park day and night.Drug use, substance abuse, alcohol use and smoking all take place there. It’s an eyesore.”

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Clare Thompson, who lives on Green Street, said: “Every summer that park is a nightmare. They are selling drugs on the park. It’s disgusting. Every other day I have to ring the police because it gets beyond a joke. The gates are supposed to be locked at night but there is no-one to lock them up.”

A spokesman for Lancaster City Council said: “The park is not locked at night. Dog waste is regularly cleaned from the park by council workers. We will work jointly with the police to tackle any anti-social behaviour.”

Lancashire police were unavailable for comment.